How to make tires black but not shiny?

Tire shiner indeed helps to enhance the brightness of your Car’s tire. But not everyone loves to give the tire a shiny look through a tire shiner.  Because it gives the tire a drowsy and artificial look. But you would not find a single person who does not love to make their tire look black … Read more

Hikeit jeep throttle controller reviews with X9 vs. X5

A throttle controller is one of the essential ways you can undertake to prevent throttle lag. It gives you the power to control the speed of your vehicle with enough proficiency. Hikeit, Pedal Commander, Sprint Booster are some of the renowned manufacturers that comes to mind when one is talking about a throttle controller.  But … Read more

Best Car Sound Systems & Secrets

Nowadays music systems have become an essential part of the cars. Good music can also change your mood and make the ride more enjoyable. People who listen to music while driving are always up for the best car sound systems. The stereo car sound system creates an effect of multi-directional audio, and this can be … Read more

Best 6.5 Car Speakers Under $100

Best 6.5 car speakers under $100

Are you a music lover? And want to install one of the best 6.5 car speakers for under $100 for your car to listen to music? Without good speakers, it is a jarring worst experience for your ears. Having good speakers might not be the priority of most car owners. But if you are a … Read more

How to increase speaker bass?

increase speakers bass

After building and installing a car audio system, you turn it on for the first time. The subwoofer bass performance doesn’t impress you either. You don’t know how to increase speaker bass. It lacks mid-bass. Unfortunately, our speakers don’t provide us with as much punch as we expect. When you’re in this position, it’s not … Read more

Car stereo problems [Easy ways to solve]

car stereo problems

I know you are the owner of a car and love music, that’s why you are here. You must have a world-class speaker’s set up in your car. Now a day’s car is a must need a vehicle for everyday life. There are some common car stereo problems that you may face while experiencing your … Read more

Best Car Speakers for Bass and sound quality in 2022

best car speakers for bass and sound quality

You are here for the best car speakers for bass and sound quality. If you love your car, and also in love with music while driving. Then you must need the best speakers for bass. A good sound quality speaker depends on the quality of a speaker. You can learn every single point about car speakers. Are you looking for a full review of the best car speakers for bass and sound quality in 2021? You are at the right place. Here, you will find a detailed, unbiased review of car speakers, Serving your purpose … Read more