Best Car Sound Systems & Secrets

Nowadays music systems have become an essential part of the cars. Good music can also change your mood and make the ride more enjoyable. People who listen to music while driving are always up for the best car sound systems.

The stereo car sound system creates an effect of multi-directional audio, and this can be achieved by a high-quality car sound system. By using two or more than two audio channels through configuring two or more loudspeakers, you can achieve the stereo sound. Here is a list of some amazing sound systems for your car so you can cherish the multi-directional sound perspective!

10 Best Car Sound Systems of 2021

We have prepared this list of 10 car sound systems based on their superior sound quality, amazing features and the best reviews from the users. Hope you will like this list and leave your valuable comments.


Best Car Sound Systems

PIONEER AVH-310EX comes with all the essential features that a car stereo must have. It includes hands-free calling, a navigation system, audio and video playback and a voice control system.


  • HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION: It has a touch screen, and all the controls operate through it. Once you power up the system, the display shows, and you can also change the color according to the interior of your car. Installation is easy. After making power and speaker connections, you have to connect route cables to the GPS antenna and microphone.
  • INTERFACE AND DIGITAL AUDIO SOURCES:  You will find all the options on the main screen. It has a USB connection and an SD card reader as well. You have a Bluetooth audio streaming option so you can connect your smartphone wirelessly with it. Its voice recognition will recognize voice tags. It features a radio tuner as well.
  • The navigation system is easy to use.
  • Traffic tuner comes within the package.
  • Voice controller is already installed.
  • It requires iPod interface cable to function with iPhone.

Sony MEXM100BT

Best Car Sound Systems

Sony MEXM100BT is one of the latest units in the MEX line. It uses the familiar and basic single-DIN design and proportions.  It has a built-in Bluetooth connection. You can use voice commands and access the voice functions too. You can also add favorite audio shortcuts.


  • HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION:  It has a single slot CD player. It has a 3.5mm analog auxiliary input, and it is the only point that is at the front. For the rest of the inputs and outputs, you have to check the back panel of the system. It has a single USB input and a 2.5 mm input for the microphone is present as well.
  • INTERFACE AND DIGITAL AUDIO SOURCES: Monochrome LCD covers the display. It shows 12 characters at a time. The app remote allows to quickly jump between listening to on-receiver sources and smartphone apps just at the touch of a button. It also features multifunction keys that have different operations.
  • It gives all primary functions in one low profile box.
  • App remote is included.
  • Multiple options on the menu can be difficult to interact.
  • App remote requires connecting with selected apps.

Alpine CDE-172BT

It is the best option for people looking for advanced features. It is a double DIN auto stereo with Bluetooth hands-free calling option, radio, app integration, etc. It has a good bass level and is best for people who like to listen to music.


  • HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION: It is easy to install. It has wiring for power, speaker level output, and the antenna port. No extra connections are provided at the back of the system.
  • INTERFACE AND DIGITAL AUDIO SOURCES: You can access any source with a single tap. The smooth 2-lined LCD can display more than ten characters. It has USB and auxiliary audio inputs. It has four audio sources. Small key drives can also be connected to play mp3, WMA and AAC files.
  • It is compatible with Apple devices.
  • It covers audio source bases with all features.
  • It doesn’t have a case.

Pioneer DEH-X9500BHS:

Pioneer has a good range of audio sources. It features a single-DIN receiver, including some rudimentary app integration. Its direct connection via USB is a good option. This feature eliminates the use of adaptors. Users will like its Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming connectivity.


  • HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION: It is easy to install and has many available connections for installation. It has two USB inputs, the connection point for the wire harness, and also ports for the microphone and an optional steering wheel remote. You can also add satellite radio because Sirius is XM-ready.
  • INTERFACE AND DIGITAL AUDIO SOURCE:  The stereo pairs quickly with your smartphones. It can playback sounds from any streaming or audio app. It has two USB ports at its back. It has an option between a USB app and a Bluetooth connection.


  • It features a standard CD, AM, and FM sources.
  • Can access Bluetooth calling and audio.
  • It has a USB port and iPod connections.


  • Mixtrax mode is average.
  • App mode isn’t well documented.

Parrot Asteroid Smart

It has a unique design that features a flexible multimedia receiver. It has a 6.2-inch touchscreen display and also a multi-touch display that enables you to zoom in. Its colors can be viewed easily even in direct sunlight.  


  • HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION: At the back, you will find inputs, outputs, and connections for power.  It has a GPS receiver for location awareness. The other two USB ports are for digital media. It has a 2.5 mm microphone input. It consists of two full-way and one subwoofer output.
  • INTERFACE AND DIGITAL AUDIO SOURCES: You can use it with portable digital media and without a CD receiver. You can connect a USB or can play back music from a folder saved on an SD card. Its USB ports can connect to an iPod as well. AM/FM radio tuner along with 3.5 mm analog audio input is present. Bluetooth connectivity enables the audio streaming profile.


  • Easy to use for people familiar with Android.
  • All main features are present.


  • It offers only nine applications.
  • Only some applications are interesting.

Sony CDXG3100UP

It is also a good option for Car Sound systems. Sony is a well-known brand name. It can be used for all kinds of cars as it has a 55W maximum power output. It is USB capable and delivers a high-quality sound due to built-in Digital clarity tuner technology.


  • HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION: It gives out powerful sound and can fit into any car. It features USB input and dual 2-volt RCA pre-outs for further expansion.
  • INTERFACE AND DIGITAL AUDIO SOURCE: It has advanced sound features that support EQ5, MEGA BASS, and LPF crossover. It also supports an aux cable. You can also connect your smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity too.


  • Works with Pandora.
  • Secure connection with level control.


  • Instructions for setup are not clear

Jensen AWM968

It is an excellent sound system that will impress you. It has many features available that get it into this list. It comes with a high-resolution display. It can support two Bluetooth devices and also has a USB port. It also supports video format.


  • HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION: It has the latest technology advancements and is easy to install.
  • INTERFACE AND DIGITAL AUDIO SOURCE: It has an FM and AM feature, and you can preset 30 channels. It supports DVD plays CD, MP3, CD-R, DVD-R, DVD_RW, etc. video formats. A Bluetooth remote to operate all the operations is also available.


  • It has encoded volume control.
  • IR sensor is on the front panel.
  • Supports video format.


  • Removed weather band feature from RV radio.
  • Movies can’t be played from USB.

Boss Audio UA 752UAB:

It is a good sound system that can be used in your cars. It has focused more on DVD players, speakers and amplifiers. It doesn’t have all the features but still is a good choice because the audio quality is better suited according to the price range.  


  • HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION: It only supports mp3 and WMA files plugged into the USB port. You can play a music player through a 3.5 mm AUX port. It has real power output.
  • INTERFACE AND DIGITAL AUDIO SOURCE: It has all standard playback options. You can play music on CDs or plug music players and mobile devices into the USB port.


  • Wide soundstage.
  • It has above-average power output.


  • Smartphone integration is below average.
  • The audio quality is not extraordinary.

Pyle Pldnand621

The sound system has good memory storage of 16GB. It has many facilities like Android phones. It looks like a tablet phone with a 6-inch display and gives a clear view.


  • HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION: You can get it installed with some help. It also includes a touch pen to operate the system. It has mounting brackets to mount along with a power and wiring harness.
  • INTERFACE AND DIGITAL AUDIO SOURCE: It supports Wi-Fi, Google Maps, and Bluetooth devices.  It has 3 USB port connectors. It supports 1080p video clarity.


  • Web surfing is present.
  • Wireless music streaming is available.


  • Difficult to set up.

Pioneer MVH-X380BT

MVH is very well designed and comes with an easy installation procedure. It does not have a CD player which means it is connected through smartphones or digital media. At maximum, you can connect two phones to it.


  • HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION: It has an easy installation method. It is compatible with aftermarket head units.
  • INTERFACE AND DIGITAL AUDIO SOURCE:  It comes with Bluetooth connectivity. By using the USB port, you can control the stereo system and can even charge your smartphones.


  • It has Pandora features.
  • Hands-free calling and auto streaming options are also available.


  • Its audio quality is reasonable and not above average.

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Conclusion of Reviews

These are the best car sound systems available on the market. PIONEER AVH-310EX models are impressive as they come with hands-free calling and digital playback audio options. Sony MEXM100BT has a modern array of digital audio connections and has many useful features.

PYLE PLDNAND621 is also a good choice as it can handle video formats. Whereas Parrot Asteroid offers a high price but its features make it an attractive option. Therefore you should take all the factors such as clear sound quality, connectivity, price, digital media usage, and quality into account before making any purchase.

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