Hikeit jeep throttle controller reviews with X9 vs. X5

A throttle controller is one of the essential ways you can undertake to prevent throttle lag. It gives you the power to control the speed of your vehicle with enough proficiency.

Hikeit, Pedal Commander, Sprint Booster are some of the renowned manufacturers that comes to mind when one is talking about a throttle controller.  But when it is about popularity, Hikeit will always remain on top of the list.

That is why we have thought about reviewing the X9 throttle controller from Hikeit. In case you are interested, let’s get started. But before that, here are some of the simple terms everyone should know before purchasing a throttle controller-

Hikeit jeep throttle controller

What is throttle?

The throttle of an automotive is a valve that delivers the steam fuel to the cylinder of the engine to start the ignition. That means a throttle controller will control the transmission of fuel to the cylinder, giving you more control over the vehicle when you are riding.

Almost every four-wheelers face throttle lag. Throttle lag means delayed response time.

When you press the pedal to go faster, it takes almost 2 seconds before the engine makes any response. When you are driving on the road, a two-second lag seems nothing. But when you are driving off the road, the continuous lag can give you a disastrous experience.

What’s the solution then? Well, that is when a throttle controller comes into action-

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But does a throttle controller work as it claims?

Yes, a throttle controller really works. It can reduce the throttle lag up to 3 seconds, giving you the essential power to be more dynamic on and off the road.

A throttle controller allows the ECU to send an instantaneous response to the engine, reducing the response time up to 3 seconds.

But you have to be wise to get the right product from the market to be more productive with your four-wheeler. The market is evaporated with tons of products. That is when it becomes tough to pick up the ideal item you require.

After checking up to 10 throttle controller units, we have come to a conclusion that Hikeit X9 is the best among all.

If you think that we are making a false accusation, we urge you to check some of the customer reviews from different forums. This may help you to distill your doubts.

Our experience with the Hikeit X9 throttle response controller


We have tested the throttle controller on our Jeep Wrangler.

Test result on the street

  1. When the throttle controller is off, it takes almost 12.2 seconds to reach the 100m threshold.
  2. When the throttle controller is on, the vehicle took approximately 10.3 seconds to reach the 100m threshold.

That means we are getting almost 20% more leverage with the controller.

Test result on the beach

This time we have not used any timer but tried to differentiate the differences.

We can bet you will feel the differences when the controller is on and off.

You will certainly feel the lag on both occasions, but the driving will be much smoother when the controller is on.

How does it help off-the-road?

Finally, we have moved off the road to support our claim. Here is what we have found-

A throttle controller not only accelerates the speed of your vehicle. It can also dampen the speed to give you enough versatility.

The economy-mode of the X9 throttle controller will deliver essential help to get enough support off the road.


Now let’s talk about some of the technical parts of the X9 throttle response controller-


The throttle controller is compatible with a large number of vehicles, including Jeep, BMW, Audi, Chrysler, Chevrolet, and many more. We recommend checking the compatibility before you confirm the purchase. This will reduce the chance of any future complications.


X9 will offer you four different nodes to control the acceleration of the vehicle with ease.

First of all, the auto IQ mode will allow you to get a more enjoyable, safer, fuel-saving drive.

The performance mode will come in handy to get better acceleration and speed to overtake your competitors.

The cruise mode will give you a boost in your everyday driving. It will not blow out your fuel, ensuring more fuel efficiency.

The tow mode delivers further acceleration while towing any object.

Finally, the economy mode will deliver a smooth experience while driving off the road.


The X9 throttle response controller also offers an easier installation. The simple plug-and-play installation requires no previous experience to complete the installation.

Anti-theft mode

When the anti-theft mode is on, the throttle will not open until unlocked. As a result, you will get extreme protection from all kinds of theft. The anti-theft mode saves your budget to a great extent.

Why you should pick the X9 throttle controller?

The Swiss-made 32-bit chipset is strong enough to deliver optimum support. Moreover, the intelligent IQ system of the controller will come in handy to save your fuel to a great extent.

Furthermore, the X9 throttle controller comes with a lifetime warranty. Besides, you will get a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Why you should not buy the X9 throttle controller?

There is simply no reason to avoid this great throttle controller. The only thing that can prevent you from grabbing this item is the price.

The X9 throttle controller may seem expensive at a price of almost 200$ bucks. But it is always worth buying when you compare the features of the product with other cheap products.

When you are spending some extra, you can expect to get some extra.

X9 vs. X5

The previous version of the X9 controller is the X5. The X5 controller shares the same characteristics as X9. But you will get fewer modes and adjustment capability with the X5 controller.

The X5 controller delivers 3 modes, whereas the X9 controller delivers4 modes.  Besides, you will also get up to 40 adjustment settings with the X9 controllers. In that sense, the X5 controller will deliver around 30 adjustment settings.

Finally, the X5 controller is around 25$ dollars cheaper than the X9 controller.

Final words

A throttle controller delivers optimum efficiency by reducing the delay time up to 3 seconds. As a result, you can expect to get instantaneous response and acceleration to get the fastest transmission between the pedal and the engine. When you are looking for a quality controller, there are only a few products to beat the quality of the X9 throttle response controller.

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