How to make tires black but not shiny?

Tire shiner indeed helps to enhance the brightness of your Car’s tire. But not everyone loves to give the tire a shiny look through a tire shiner.  Because it gives the tire a drowsy and artificial look. But you would not find a single person who does not love to make their tire look black … Read more

How to increase speaker bass?

increase speakers bass

After building and installing a car audio system, you turn it on for the first time. The subwoofer bass performance doesn’t impress you either. You don’t know how to increase speaker bass. It lacks mid-bass. Unfortunately, our speakers don’t provide us with as much punch as we expect. When you’re in this position, it’s not … Read more

Car stereo problems [Easy ways to solve]

car stereo problems

I know you are the owner of a car and love music, that’s why you are here. You must have a world-class speaker’s set up in your car. Now a day’s car is a must need a vehicle for everyday life. There are some common car stereo problems that you may face while experiencing your … Read more