Infinity Kappa 6×9 Review in 2021- A 3 way Speaker

Infinity speakers are known for their quality and service. Therefore, infinity kappa is one of the best car speakers on the market. As an owner, you can testify to the quality of sound, materials, and service. It’s time for our Infinity Kappa 6×9 review. We will discuss the 693.11 series of infinity kappa speakers in this article. We provide all the information we have about this speaker.

Infinity Kappa 693.11 6×9 Review

infinity kappa 6x9 review
Infinity Kappa 693.11 Review

The fast and the furious infinity kappa 693.11. Definitely! Infinity keeps its market as fast and furious as possible. To keep their customers satisfied and rocking with their most promising, superior products. Even one cannot imagine the type of audio technology we are going to have in the future. Infinity is the brand that does before saying and yes! 

You also want to say yes about this speaker. But before that know about infinity kappa 6×9 speakers review. Undoubtedly! You will love this one for your car.

This time with their featured Kappa series, Infinity has shocked the whole world.  When it comes to the 6×9 inch fitting speakers. Infinity kappa 6×9 review is provided to let you know more about this product.

The speaker set provides a benefit for resistance in factory-installed speaker wiring. Because of its 2-ohm impedance value. Thus provides hefty output than factory-installed tweeters in its type.

Sensitivity is one of the most obvious benefits of the Kappa series. Thus, more and more people are replacing their previous speakers with new ones. Fine-looking chrome attachments cover the rough, which looks good in any modern interior. And also the mounting screws are not visible at all. 

With the latest look, lucid ups and vigorous downs. The Kappa Series speakers become an impeccable auxiliary for any aftermarket audio and sound system.

Technical Specification for infinity kappa 693.11 6×9 review

  • 1″ Dome fabric tweeter Minimal Diameter:
  • Composition of the woofer is made up of a Composite of Carbon
  • Woofer Surrounding is made by Rubber
  • Speaker Frame is composed of a very fine Injected Carbon Glass Matrix
  • Full Range speaker type with high-quality Tweeters passive crossover
  • 3-way configuration of the design is provided
  • The material used for the cone is carbon Injected Fiber Glass for including Plus One cone technology. (which provides spare cone section than other speakers in its kind) The surrounding is covered by a synthetic rubber
  • The material of the dome is a fabric made which provides better sound quality than its rivalries in the market.
  • For providing super-high-frequency, super tweeters are installed in the Infinity Kappa series.
  • Enough hardware is provided so that one can assist him/herself to complete the mounting.
  • Push-button controlled volume tuning ranging 0 or +3dB.
  • Single-Pivot type tweeter commands itself at the audiophile for better results.
  • High temperature bearing voice coil which decreases distortion and audio noise.
  • Emitted motor and electromagnet assembly used to chill the voice coil
  • Speaker terminal specially built with screw-type configuration provided with end to end threads (Gold-plated) for an extremely secured connectivity.
  • Especially made magnetic boot defensive cover-up.
  • Product Weight is 2.99 kg (6.6 pounds)
  • The dimensions of the product are 16.5” x 11.5” x 5” (LxWxH)
  • The peak rated power for the product is 660 watts per pair and RMS 220watts per pair.
  • Top-mounting depth of the kappa series speakers is 3-3/16″
  • The Infinity Kappa series can support frequency ranging from 47Hz to 20kHz
  • Kappa series speaker’s sensitivity is 90 dB for 1W/1M
  • Minimal Impedance of the product is 2 Ohms

Pros and Cons:

  • Great mid bass
  • Flexible
  • Damn good sound
  • Crisp highs
  • Fragile material when used for long time

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Infinity 692.9i 6×9 Two-Way Speakers Review

Looking for the best infinity kappa 6×9 two-way speakers available in the market. Nowadays, might make you end up with the Infinity 692.9i. Which is considered one of the best 6×9 2-way speakers available. This particular model from the Infinity brand boasts of its various features. Which might not be offered by other 6×9 speakers available. Follow this article to know more further about infinity kappa 6×9 speakers

What makes infinity kappa 6×9 speakers best?

The 692.9i is definitely a great car speaker upgrade choice. When it comes to taking your audio experience to the next level. This particular model from the pioneer also provides the best sound quality. And overall performance compared to other speakers offered at the same price range.

Overall, the speaker is more efficient because of its design. Its woven glass fiber cones are stiff and do not flex and distort. The speakers have a large surface area. Which improves the low-frequency output and its overall efficiency. And still maintaining a lightweight.

Additionally, the 692.9i has longer voice coils, which produce a snapper and tighter bass. It improves overall sound performance. Large magnets inside the speaker also help to keep the woofers cooler. It places the steel closer to the voice coils that then act as a great heat sink.

Accordingly, you’ll hear the sound exactly as it was recorded. Without any unwanted distortions. Since the metal matrix diaphragm tweeter used in most high-end speakers. For improved stereo imaging. The dome tweeters can be adjusted by pivoting for better positioning.

As well as the drivers, the 692.9i features a computer-optimized outboard crossover network. So the highs and lows are perfectly separated. The installation of these speakers is also less time-consuming. The crossovers are already pre-wired.

Incorrect wiring is also prevented as the terminals at the end of the wires of the crossover directly screws to the speaker.

The overall sensitivity of the speaker and its 14 watt RMS output add up to the advantage of this Infinity speaker. It can truly provide you with a dynamic range of sound. From clear crisp highs to wonderfully rich lows. With the noticeable subtleties between, the 692.9i is a great choice to consider.

This speaker comes with a one-year warranty, which guarantees you the product’s overall quality. Since it is easy to install and it also comes with an informative user’s manual. There is no doubt that you can easily upgrade your car speakers and achieve the speaker’s benefits in no time.

Why You Should Think Twice About Buying It

The 692.9i faces tough competitors in its price range. As other speaker brands also offer different advantages. Not present in this particular speaker. You might also want to consider cheaper alternatives. They are also capable of providing the same sound quality and durability.

Overall, the Infinity 692.9i 330 W 6×9 Two-Way Speakers are definitely a great buy. When choosing the best car speakers to use for an upgrade. Considering its overall sound and performance quality. This model from Infinity can become one of the best 6×9 speakers available in the market nowadays.

Technical Specification

  • RMS output 14 watts
  • Sensitivity is on its peak
  • Computer-optimised crossover network
  • Comes with one-year warranty
  • Improved stereo imaging
  • Dome tweeters adjusted for better positioning
  • Crisp highs and lows
  • Efficient design
  • Woven glass fiber cone
  • Outstanding design and material
  • Great sound

Pros and cons

  • Tighter and snapper bass
  • Upgraded one for best use
  • Best sound quality
  • Cones will not flex
  • Little high price

Basics of a Car Speaker

Let us go over the basic functions of speakers. To, a speaker satisfies a unique phenomenon. A magnet moved inside a copper wire coil if you moved it.

A current will flow through the wire as a result. It’s a speaker magnet on a normal speaker that looks like it when the circuit closed.

Here, a magnet’s two-pole naively portrayed. The magnet consists of two plates and a pole piece. That assumes the polarities of adjoining surfaces. it is a cross-section through the middle of the magnet.

For graphical purposes, the gap between the pole and the plates exaggerated. Coils assembled on formers, which made of different materials. If an amp signal fed to the coil. Then the coil moves accordingly.

If you want to learn more about how it works, you can Google Faraday’s law. So let us add a few more words to the voice coil former since it’s connected to the speaker. Frames used to hold speaker cones. It’s glued or bolted onto the front plate of the speaker. Cone is also glued to the voice coil former and to the suspension.

A glued edge secures the suspension to the frame. Further, the edge of the speaker also treated or injected to reduce the risk of cracking. As well as the sound, does it do numerous things? The spider secures the voice coil only moves up and down and not sideways.

As well as the frame glued onto the coil. When the signal of the amp or current received on the solar terminal, the coil and amp attached. Depending on what you feed it, and it will move accordingly.

By pushing the air, the cone or diaphragm creates sound waves.

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