Pit bike engine vs. dirt bike engine: What are the main differences?

You will not find even a single discernable difference between a pit bike and a dirt bike engine in terms of engine construction.  But when it comes to performance, size, and efficiency, both are distinctive in qualities.

Therefore, we thought about making an article regarding the differences between a pit bike and a dirt bike engine.

You probably know the differences between a dirt bike and a pit bike. It is time to dive deeper into the engine differences.

Without wasting any more time here, let’s jump into the primary discussion-

Pit bike engine vs. dirt bike engine

CategoryDirt bikePit bike
Size50cc-above 500cc50cc to 160cc
PowerMore powerfulLess powerful
RangeLongerLess to medium range
Off-road capabilityBetterLess
Speed25mph to 70mph15mph to 45mph
Price$300-$750 dollars$300-$900 dollars

Both pit bike and dirt bike come with two-stroke and four-stroke variations

The first feature that is identical to both dirt and pit bikes is the engine type. You will see the presence of both two-stroke and four-stroke engines in both these two types of bikes. 

There is no doubt about the fact that a four-stroke engine is more relevant and powerful compared to a two-stroke engine.

But beginner and kid-friendly dirt and pit bikes tend to come with a two-stroke engine. 

A two-stroke engine will complete the whole exhaust process within two-stroke, whereas a four-stroke engine will take four strokes to complete the whole process.

Pit bikes come with smaller engine sizes, whereas dirt bikes’ engines tend to be larger

The most notable difference you will find between these two off-road motorbikes is the size of the engines.

A pit bike engine hardly reaches the engine size of 200cc, whereas a dirt bike’s engine can be anywhere between 50cc to above 500cc.

A bigger engine means more capability. Therefore, when it comes to getting into the full flow of off-road adventure, a dirt bike engine should bring forth the most convenient support.

Dirt bike engine size

125cc to 170ccIntermediate riders
170cc and aboveAdult and experts

Pit bike engine size

50cc to 70ccKid-friendly
70cc to 110ccCasual rider
110cc and moreAdult/experts

Dirt bike engines are more powerful than  pit bike engine

Everyone knows that dirt bikes are more powerful than pit bikes. It became possible only because of the engine that dirt bikes used to have. With the capability of delivering more RPM and horsepower, a dirt bike engine will be far more capable of handling most terrains.

On the other hand, a pit bike engine comes with some limitations. Pit bike engines are designed for specific purposes. In most cases, they come for casual riders or beginners. Therefore, you can’t expect to get a high-end performance from a pit bike engine.

You will also get a longer range and cruising distance from a dirt bike engine

When you compare both types of engines with one another, dirt bikes engines will win the competition in every way. This is true for the range as well.

The range of a dirt bike engine will be much higher compared to a pit bike engine. You will be able to run a longer distance with a dirt bike engine compared to a pit bike engine.

Dirt bike engines are more  capable of handling off-road track, whereas pit bike engines come for pit trail

You may say that the tires of your motorbike play a crucial role in achieving better off-road capability. But it is at the same time true that you can’t deny the contribution of the engine of your bike as well in that regard.

The better power capability of your dirt bike engine can help you to achieve more off-roading capability and controllability.

On the other hand, the moderate engine capability of your pit bike engine will come in handy to get essential performance in the pit trail.

Dirt bike engines are faster compared to pit bike engines

With a dirt bike engine, it is possible to reach a top speed of up to 70mph, whereas a pit bike engine can hardly reach 50mph of a top speed limit.

The least speed that a dirt bike engine will deliver will be around 20mph to 25mph. On the other hand, a pit bike engine can start with the least speed of 15mph. 

Therefore, if you really want to get an off-road bike with sheer speed, you probably should go with a dirt bike.

On the other hand, if you want to be better with off-road riding or to make your kid capable in this regard, going with a pit bike should be the most ideal decision available.

Pit bike engines are cheaper compared to dirt bike engines

If you are thinking about swapping your bike’s engine, the price essentially becomes a good aspect to consider.

Although the price of any motorbike engine depends on its size, it is always possible to say that pit bike engines tend to be a little cheaper compared to dirt bike engines.

As pit bikes are cheaper, every manufacturer tries to reduce the cost of the engine as well.

Therefore, you will always be able to get a pit bike engine with nearly $50 to $80 dollars less than a dirt bike engine.

Which one wins the competition?

Well, the primary purpose of both pit bikes and dirt bikes tends to be different. When your preference is to ride on off-road terrain with a better off-road capability, a dirt bike engine is an ideal choice.

In case you are a beginner or planning to ride on a pit track, you should definitely go with a pit bike engine source pit bike hub.

Finally, when it comes to engine performance, efficiency, and capability, dirt bike engines will surely win the battle by a huge marginal difference.

Final summary

Both dirt and pit bike engines come for aiding you in different sectors. Therefore, comparing one with the other may not make the ideal justification. Surely dirt bike engines will be more efficient and powerful compared to pit bike engines. But without pit bike engines, every beginner may not find their interest in dirt racing. What about all those exciting pit races as well?

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